Tension Rod Washers and Mounting Screws

Satin Finished Stainless Steel

  J = Stainless steel hex head mounting screw washers.
    (For tension lug casings.) Model SS-19X4.
    $1.00 each.
  P = Slingerland-Style stainless steel tension rod washers.
    Model MW-13.
    $15.00 per dozen.
  2 = Rogers-Style stainless steel tension rod washers.
    Model #2295.
    $15.00 per dozen.
    (These are the finest grade stainless steel washers you have ever seen!)

Hex head screws with lock washer (for mounting lug casings):

* 1/2" long for thinner drum shells. $0.40 each.

* 5/8" long for thicker drum shells. $0.40 each.

(To be used with SS-19X4 washer shown above as item "J".)

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