Vintage Reproduction Drum Parts
Made in U.S.A.
(Chrome Plated Cold Rolled Steel)
Telescopic Cymbal Rods


  Slingerland-Style 60's/70's round 17" top rod for #33F flush base and
    #66F cymbal stands, or #1666 tilter model #66-FL.
    Original part number 32-2.   $40.00 each.
    (Tilter not included.)


  Rogers-Style 60's Hex 18" cymbal rod with threaded stem and stainless
    steel cross pin as used with either #330 or #331 collet plates.
    MODEL #332-E ("EMPTY" as shown above) $50.00 each.
    MODEL #332-L ("LOADED" as shown below) $65.00 each
    (Loaded means: complete with correct wing nut, black rubber sleeve,
    metal washer, and felt washer, as shown in picture below.)

  Rogers-Style 60's Hex 8" cymbal extension rod.
    Model #61-0974-049 with a 1/4-20 threaded hole on bottom and a 1/4-20 threaded stem on top.
    "Empty" (shown in picture below) - $35.00 each.
    "Loaded" - Complete with wing nut, sleeve, feltasher, and metal
    washer - $45.00 each.

  Rogers-Style 60's/70's Round 18" top cymbal rod for Model 4403 cymbal
    stand.  Comes with threaded hex stem to mount swivo tilter.
    "Empty" - $45.00 each.
    "Loaded" - $60.00 each.
    (Sorry, no picture available at this time.)

Wing Nut (Nickel-plated)
Model #54-58
$4.00 each
Black Rubber Sleeve
$0.75 each
Thick Felt Washer
Model #56-48
$1.00 each
Metal Cymbal Washer
Model #57-92
$4.00 each
Wing Nut (Nickel-plated)
Model P-100
$4.00 each
White Nylon Sleeve
Model P-1698
$1.00 each
Thick Felt Washer
Model P-2489
$1.00 each
Metal Cup Washer
Model P-1655
$4.00 each

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