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Percussion Repair Services

Have you noticed lately that the "Big Boys" havenít been taking care of your total percussion maintenance, service and repair problems?

We have your answer!

If you havenít been using the custom repair service of Jim Petty, then you just arenít getting the quality of work you deserve.

Jim is a renowned percussion engineer, recognized in his field as being the respected, definitive source for creative solutions to virtually any drum or percussion related problem. From 1993 to 1998, he was on staff as Chief of Percussion Repair Services at The Brook Mays Repair Center in Dallas, Texas. While there, he serviced all the school bands, orchestras, symphony, church and professional percussion accounts for not only the Brook Mays stores in the DFW, Austin, and Oklahoma City areas, but also for the C&S stores in Fort Worth, as well as all of the H&H stores in Houston and the Rio Grande Valley. Since October of 1998, Jim has been working independently, out of his well-established shop, still offering the most complete repair and restoration services available in the percussion field. Relevant areas of services offered include, but are not limited to:

* Re-cutting Bearing Edges (many different styles available, depending on the make/model/construction/age of your shell)
* Drilling holes and mounting hardware
* Re-covering drum shells
* Rebuilding worn parts and mechanisms
* Re-tucking calf, goat or mule skin heads on
  drums, bongos, and congas
* Repairing timpani, marimbas, xylophones,
  bells, vibes, and chimes
* Restoring worn-out thrones and stools
* Building custom snare drums
* Pepainting Keylon Bars

Jim Petty is one of the preeminent Master Craftsmen in the relm of cutting/re-cutting Bearing Edges. Call him for a personal consultation, and he can fix the bearing edge issues with your drums.

Jim's 35 years of experience in the music business covers the full spectrum, ranging from performance, to retail, wholesale distribution, sales-rep, product design and manufacturing. This has enabled him to see every percussion repair problem imaginable. Finding and identifying the nature of the problem is the first step toward a successful repair. Understanding all the "mechanics" allows Jim to correctly diagnose your percussion dilemmas and help you focus on more important issues. Why devote time to an area in which you may not have the expertise to address, or depend on a "local dealer" who has neither the tools, training, knowledge, nor personnel to adequately service your needs?

If you are wondering where to get access to all this vast array of repair, maintenance, and manufacturing talents, simply call and ask to have your repair needs looked at by Jim Petty. If you are not within the geographical area, then email or call anyway, so Jim can help you arrange for His prompt, professional, and efficient service.

We invite you to join us in taking the right step towards the best percussion repair that money can buy!