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Bread & Butter Lug Casings - Rogers
Out of production, currently!!!

These famous Rogers "BREAD & BUTTER" lug casings are IMPROVED!
They are made of STEEL (not Brass) and drastically strengthened.
They are reproductions of the "2nd generation" version or "hump back" style,
NOT the "1st generation" or "flat back" style.
They come in two sizes (large and small) and both sizes come in
"single end" or "double end" versions.

Small Single-ended Model #3916R (for small toms).
Small Double-ended Model #3917R (for snare drums).
They are 2&1/4 inches long with hole spacing of 1&5/8 inches apart.

Large Single-ended Model #4946R (for bass drums and SOME floor toms).
Large Double-ended Model #4947R (for bass drums and SOME snare drums).
They are 2&5/8 inches long with hole spacing of 2&1/8 inches apart.


Correct internal springs are NOW available.
SHORT or LONG ....$5.00 each.

Correct swivel nuts are NOW available.
Model #4853R ....$5.00 each.

I ADAMANTLY suggest you replace ALL lug casings on a snare drum and at least ALL of
one side on a tom or bass drum. I know it gets pricey, but it will do a better job for you in
the long run. For those of you who need to replace ALL lug casings on the complete drum
set, CALL ME and I'll try to work out a deal for you!  817-268-2683

See, we DO have them! They DO exist!  :)

Gallery of customer's drums using JP2 Creations Bread & Butter Lug Casings:

This pic below comes from Jan Tuckley in West Virginia.

Satisfied customer Charles Brackett send us this wonderful picture (below) of his restored BLUE RIPPLE DYNA-SONIC, SN-1028. (08-29-10)

Ready for some Before & After pics?
Customer Nelson Everhart says his sons bought him this snare drum for Christmas to go with a kit that he had bought in 1964, while in high school. The first picture is of Nelson's drum with the original lug casings.

This second picture if of Nelson's drum, after JP2 replaced the old lugs with the new Bread & Butter replacements.
Can you tell the difference? :)

Customer Allen Muller sent us the pic below of his 1962 Holiday tom-tom that features JP2 replacement Bread & Butter lug casings. Says Allen: "It's on my primary set and I have performed with it dozens of times. Thanks for making the lugs - they look great and perform perfectly. They are probably the only reason I can continue using this kit. The lugs provide a great deal of comfort given how fragile the originals are."

The following two pics come from customer John Ritger of Virginia Beach, VA, showing off the JP2 B&B replacement lug casings on his black Rogers snare.

If you are a past Bread & Butter customer, send us pics of your drums with the new B&B's on them
and we'll put them here in our photo gallery!

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