Slingerland Zoomatic Strainer Parts

Shell Nut (Complete) - Model #978-9 for Slingerland Zoomatic Strainer. Stainless steel.

$25.00 each

Model # 978-9-LH - Left-handed thread pattern for Niles-era hardware.
Model # 978-9-RH - Right-handed thread pattern for Ridgeland-era hardware.

IMPORTANT: Please specify whether for WOOD shell or METAL shell!

Replacement knobs for Slingerland Zoomatic Throw-off.

Call for pricing and details!

FYI - I will not sell this part individually as it has to be properly installed on YOUR Zoomatic body
.....which entails YOU sending me YOUR Zoomatic body for a RE-BUILD.

Generally, a complete RE-BUILD runs $100.00 plus shipping.

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