Vintage Reproduction Drum Parts

Made in U.S.A.

Dynasonic Parts

Hoop Guards

Rogers Hoop Guards

Rogers Model #9324 (top) for butt side.

Rogers Model #9325 (bottom, with cut out) for throw-off side.

For OHIO-VINTAGE drums only!

$50.00 per set (one #9324 + one #9325)

(with mounting screws and lock washers)

Rogers Hoop Guards

#9324 for butt side (on the left)

#9325 for throw-off side (on the right)

Tension Screw Assembly

For FULLERTON-STYLE Dynasonic Snare Frame

Tension Screw Assembly

Model #60-5385-049 - Tension Screw Assembly (Complete) - $40.00 per set

  A - Tension adjustment screw only - $8.00 each.
  B - Spring for tension screw only, Model 61-0171 - $8.00 each.
  C - Retainer housing slider only - $20.00 each.
  D - Anchor screw only - $2.00 each.
  E - Jack Screw (not shown) for butt of OHIO-style Dyna-sonic frame. Comes complete with: one Model 60-5271 threaded sleeve insert, and Model 60-5441 scre (4-3/8 x 3/8) - $25.00 per set.

End Caps for Dynasonic Frame

Rubber end caps for Rogers Dynasonic frame

This is a complete set of four grey rubber end caps that fit onto the end of the Ohio-style Rogers Dynasonic snare frame. These keep the metal of the frame from rubbing and clanking against the hoop guards. These ARE NEW! (NOT NOS!) And, they ARE the correct SIZE and COLOR! (These parts ARE GREY, although the background in this picture makes them appear kind of blue.) These are IDENTICAL to the original parts, and come from the SAME SOURCE that Rogers used 40 years ago. Donít be fooled by others CLAIMING to have NOS of this part! The ORIGINALS of this part were GREY, NOT BLACK! THESE are the REAL DEAL!!! JP2 Creations offers ONLY correct and accurate reproduction parts.

$5 for set of 4

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