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Slingerland Bass Drum Parts

Shell Base Assembly - Complete with mounting screws and washers. Model #590

NOS (New Old Stock). This part is for use with the cymbal L-arm (mounted on the bass drum).

$60.00 each OUT OF STOCK

Hey! - IF the wing screw on your old part is stripped-out,
CALL for details on how your part can be salvaged!

This costs $25 (PLUS shipping) and includes a new wing screw.

Wing Screw - Model #40622  (5/16-24 x inch threading)

For Model #590 shell base assembly.

$10.00 each

Wing Screw - Model #40624  (-20 x 1 inch threading)


Wing Screw with Strap Nut - for Artist Model #150-6 Tom Plate

Wing Screw is Model #40624 - $10.00 each

Strap Nut is Model #150-11 - $10.00 each

Wing Screw - Model #40626  (-20 x 1 inch threading) with a 1 inch long head.

$12.00 each

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