Vintage Reproduction Drum Parts

Made in U.S.A.

Gretsch Micro Sensitive Strainer Parts

Ball-bat style throw-off lever for Gretsch #5380 Microsensitive snare strainer.
Identical to the original! Chrome-plated.
(Ruler not included - shown for dimensional reference only.)
$25.00 each.

Model #5380S (8-32) for older 5 1/2 deep drums
Model #5380S (10-32) for newer 5 1/2 drums
Model #5380L (8-32) for older 6 1/2 deep drums
Model #5380L (10-32) for newer 6 1/2 drums

Model #5387 Barrel only (not shown) - $10.00 each
Model #5388 Spring only (not shown) - $10.00 each

For repair of Micro Sensitive hardware, call Jim Petty!

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